In 2010 I had the great honor of meeting the amazing fashion designer Sam Mendoza from Boston, MA. After chatting he asked me to create the jewelry for this Fall 2010 Fashion Week show held at Rocca in Boston, MA. Sam’s designs are timeless, sultry, beautifully crafted pieces of art. I am so pleased to have been able to work with him. All pieces made for Sam’s Show were sterling silver, with gold fill findings. I used the cold water casting technique to create organic, beautifully unique shapes to create pendants, earrings and embellishments. Each piece is unique and can not be replicated. The oxidization that you see happened naturally through the process of the cold water casting.

Rebekah-Lea-collaborates-wtih-Sam-Mendoza_invite Rebekah-Lea-collaborates-wtih-Sam-Mendoza_06 Rebekah-Lea-collaborates-wtih-Sam-Mendoza_05 Rebekah-Lea-collaborates-wtih-Sam-Mendoza_04 Rebekah-Lea-collaborates-wtih-Sam-Mendoza_03 Rebekah-Lea-collaborates-wtih-Sam-Mendoza_02 Rebekah-Lea-collaborates-wtih-Sam-Mendoza_01